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Carol Ann Duffy's new 'Bee' poem Scheherazade reprises Rapture's 'Give'?

I have always believed that certain things are only ever finished never finished with and when I was reading Carol Ann Duffy’s ‘Scheherazade’ poem in her new collection The Bees, I found myself back

Carol Ann Duffy and the piracy of passionate love?

‘Black Marigolds’ translated from Sanskrit by E Powys Mathews: A favourite Love poem of Carol Ann Duffy. Even now If my girl with lotus eyes came to me again Weary with the dear weight of

Carol Ann Duffy's time travelling Bees with a promise of Piracy!

A courier knocked at my door just after midday and presented me with the slim parcel that revealed itself as Carol Ann Duffy’s brand new collection-The Bees.

'Bees' in Carol Ann Duffy's new collection The Bees!

Honey is art’ declares Carol Ann Duffy in her first poem of her new collection, The Bees.

Mathew Sweeney: Zero Hour GCSE examination unseen poem

My son sat his GCSE literature this morning and this came up as the Unseen poetry analysis with the Welsh Board.

Word Pools and Escape in W.B .Yeats' The Lake Isle of Innisfree!

Everyone dreams of a special place of escape. A place we can escape to when the confines of the world seem weighty and suffocating.

Wilfred Owen's Futility in AQA Anthology: Conflict.

Wilfred Owen dramatically expressed the relentless, inhumane horrors of the First World War in poems such as Anthem for Doomed Youth and Dulce et Decorum est, where his pool of words serve to convey t

Word pools and Word pooling: Mary Oliver's Moccasin Flowers!

All my life, so far, I have loved more than one thing, including the mossy hooves of dreams, including' the spongy litter under the tall trees. In spring the moccasin flowers

Word Pools! Mary Oliver's Sunrise

You can die for it-- an idea, or the world. People have done so, brilliantly, letting their small bodies be bound to the stake, creating an unforgettable fury of light. But

AQA Ozymandias: The debris of power!

There is something rather surreal about the imagery in this poem.