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Politics with a hint of Ozymandias: Carol Ann Duffy

Carol Ann Duffy's first poem as Poet Laureate published in The Guardian is a fiery, spirited denouncement of the obfuscation and duplicity of those who identify themselves as our representatives in parliament. The transformations of power and publicity are vehemently dissected here and how we recognise them all...politics is Faustian indeed..I especially enjoyed the serpentive sounds of the poem...a fallen world indeed without even the merest hint of redemption or Lamia -like complexity or compassion. The metamorphosis from human being to mechanised deceit is compressed..(or should I say crushed as this underlines the spiritual aridity?) into this short poem through a complete autopsy on the ironically self-less politician. A poem to be read out aloud and spat out...tonality is all!

Once again I am drawn back to Shelley's wonderful Ozymandias one of the most visually arresting poems of power's corruption and seduction every written. Has the word 'desert' ever communicated such loneliness?