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The Rapture of Carol Ann Duffy's 'YOU' two !

Duffy posseses a Wildean flair for the 'bon mot' for the vibrant, pithy phrase that ensnares the moment - here the 'glamorous hell' exhilarates as it makes all would be lovers enjoy their sense of being 'doomed' to passionate love. She extends the simile of the tiger into a sustained metaphor again highlighting the uniqueness of consuming sexual attraction. I love the reference to 'ordinary days' as a place of refuge with the scaffolding protection of routine. Superb!

The casual verb 'strolled' captures both the attractivenss and potential carelessness of the beloved.The end of the affair very much present in the urgency in a stroll, no promise of a hereafter! The emotional leisure of 'strolled' is reinforced by ' sprawled' and we know that the beloved is a consummate predator with their studiedly casual display of their physical wares!

Should we touch our dreams? Presumably that is the whole point of Duffy's rapture collection. And who is dreaming who?