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If you weren't a poet what job would you choose?

If you weren’t a poet what job would you choose?

I don’t know. It depends so much on chance, but it would have been creative. I almost went to art college, but my English teacher persuaded me to go to University to do English Literature. After university I worked in the BBC for two years. Then I got married, had three children, had a few poems published. A school invited me to come and talk about poetry. I got a part-time job teaching in an Art College. There might have been a future career in any of those activities.

Nobody is just a poet and poets don’t write poems all day. A poet’s life is full of all sorts of work: housework, gardening, being a mother, a grandmother; with my husband I look after 18 acres of land and a small flock of sheep; we grow our own vegetables; I visit schools to help children to write: I judge poetry competitions; I teach poetry on a University writing course.  A day contains a bit of all those parts of me.