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The Names of Dogs


It was Hazy Sam when I’d gone for Clonregan Joy.
It was Poynstown Gold when Future Chance was a cert.
I fancied Burra Sahib, it was Easter Willow.
I wanted Human Sponge, I got Fearglass Top.

Riversley Ruby lost it to Knockearl Jet.
Ordinary Joe knelt to the Lakeland Duke.
Mind The Bucket was forced to check by Gonzo.
Sleepy Des limped after Jimmy The Squire.

It was Mr Crisp when I’d stuck it on Easy To Please.
It was Fast Remark when I’d doubled on Canwell Wolf.
I screamed for Almost A Master, it was Frightful Memory.
I begged for Arrow Of Fire, I got Liam’s The Best.

Hannah’s Lass was impeded by Lively Romance.
Manifold Glow ditto by Takeaway Ace.
Slate Grey had every chance until Metric Amigo.
Easter Willow was crowded by Peters Pet.

It was Fiddlesticks when I was certain of Whoopi.
It was Cotton Luke when I had my hopes on Great Wish.
I prayed for Arlington Silver, Kalisko, Moesha.
It was Solo, Never In Strife, Snoop Doggy Dog.