Resources on poetry by the poets themselves

Solo with Chorus


I am a book with a cover of blue,
We are the children that read it through.

I am a ship with a wooden mast,
We are the waves that go rolling past.

I am a barn with a creaking door,
We are the mice that live under the floor.

I am a street in a great big town,
We are the people that walk up and down.

I am a wood, all green in the spring,
We are the birds that sing, that sing.


Classroom Tip: This perfect template by Rose Fyleman (1877-1957) could not be bettered as a model for getting children to think and write about the world. Read it in class, talk about it, and then get the pupils to invent their own simple couplets. Even 8 or 10 lines can make a wonderful poem!