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No Stone Unturned

Preview of ‘New and Collected Poems for Children’ to be published by Faber in Autumn 2009

No Stone Unturned

Under the pebble caressed by a thumb,
an ant with a crumb.
Under the stone covered in moss,
the keys to a house.
Under the brick warmed by the sun,
a cool worm.
Under the rock on a desert plain,
a thimble of rain.
Under the boulder dark in a field,
a Roman shield.

Under the pebble picked from a beach,
a damp niche.
Under the stone on a garden wall,
nothing at all.
Under the brick on top of a skip,
a school cap.
Under the rock where they buried the gold,
an empty hole.
Under the boulder sealing a tomb,
a room.

Under the pebble spied for a sling,
a gold ring.
Under the stone slung at a steeple,
a black beetle.
Under the brick on the country road,
a green toad.
Under the rock sheltered by trees,
brown bees.
Under the boulder blocking the ford,
a silver sword.

Under the pebble smooth as a bead,
a seed.
Under the stone black as a hat,
a rat.
Under the brick tied to the boat,
a note.
Under the rock south of the lake,
a snake.
Under the boulder high on the hill,
a skull.


Under the pebble sore in a shoe,
Under the stone in the wishing-well bucket,
a ticket.
Under the brick in a spring flower-bed,
a bud.
Under the rock in the waterfall,
a caul.
Under the boulder rolled in the cave,
poor Dave.

Under the pebble saved for a lover,
Under the stone about to be chucked,
Under the brick warming the sheets,
Under the rock anchoring a ship,
fish and chips.
Under the boulder obstructing the pass,

Under the pebble washed up by the sea,
a flea.
Under the stone on the teacher’s desk,
a test.
Under the brick in a prison cell,
a file.
Under the rock where the seagulls beg,
an egg.
Under the boulder aglow on the Moon,
a dish and a spoon.

Under the pebble safe in a pocket,
a locket.
Under the stone in Picasso’s gaze,
a Cubist maze.
Under the brick in a garden shed,
something dead.
Under the rock in the Punishment Block,
more rock.
Under the boulder in the Modern Art Gallery,
talented Valerie.


Under the pebble kicked in the street,
a centipede’s feet.
Under the stone skimmed on the ocean,
Under the brick on the flap of a tent,
Under the rock transformed by a wizard,
a lizard.
Under the boulder hewn like a throne,
a mobile phone.

Under the pebble used as a pawn,
a prawn.
Under the stone scraped with initials,
Under the brick marking the goal,
a mole.
Under the rock in the castle grounds,
a million pounds.
Under the boulder on the ocean floor,
a ragged claw.

Under the pebble cherished for years,
dried tears.
Under the stone at the end of the garden,
a pardon.
Under the brick at the edge of the pond,
a wand.
Under the rock in the heart of the woods,
stolen goods.
Under the boulder sunk in the swamp,
a lamp.

Under the pebble pawed by a kitten,
a mitten.
Under the stone silvered by ice,
Under the brick in the builders’ yard,
a pack of cards.
Under the rock in the cemetery,
a flask of tea.
Under the boulder next to the Nile,
a crocodile.


Under the pebble dropped by a girl,
a pearl.
Under the stone on the banks of the Mersey,
a red jersey.
Under the brick in the criminals’ den,
a golden pen.
Under the rock in London Zoo,
a sleeping gnu.
Under the boulder lit up by lightning,
somebody frightening.

Under the pebble placed on a dish,
a wish.
Under the stone kept on a shelf,
an elf.
Under the brick in the gardener’s hut,
a tough nut.
Under the rock in the wilds of Peru,
an Inca shoe.
Under the boulder out on the patio,
a pistachio.

Under the pebble sewn in a dress,
an address.
Under the stone in a hole in a tree,
a plea.
Under the brick holding open the gate,
a time and a place and a date.
Under the rock in the shady nook,
a poetry book.
Under the boulder rolled in a ditch,
a witch.

Under the pebble touched by a baby,
a daisy.
Under the stone in a cowboy’s boot,
a cheroot.
Under the brick from Ancient Greece,
a fragment of fleece.
Under the rock where the lighthouse flickers,
a mermaid’s knickers.
Under the boulder huge on the mountain,
an underground fountain.


Under the pebble worn by the weather,
purple heather.
Under the stone in the shape of a heart,
a dart.
Under the brick on the window-sill,
a glazier’s bill.
Under the rock tourists come and go,
talking of Michelangelo.
Under the boulder, hissy and fussed,

Under the pebble next to a thistle,
a whistle.
Under the stone kicked by a horse,
a purse.
Under the brick tethering a balloon,
a macaroon.
Under the rock where the ship went aground,
the drowned.
Under the boulder dragged by an ox,
a fox.

Under the pebble in a puddle,
a bubble.
Under the stone in a storm,
a corm.
Under the brick in the fog,
a frog.
Under the rock in the rain,
a drain.
Under the boulder in space,

Under the boulder next to the loch,
a rock.
Under the rock inscribed R.I.P. MICK,
a brick.
Under the brick, fossiled with fishbone,
a stone.
Under the stone, causing no trouble,
a pebble.
Under the pebble, caressed by a thumb,
another ant with a crumb.